Benefits of GRC


  • The weathering characteristics of GRC are as good as any precast material. Unlike traditional reinforced cement, GRC uses alkali resistant (AR) glass fibres throughout the matrix to provide reinforcement so is not at risk of corrosion and does not require further maintenance.
  • The GRC can be enhance for greater protection and durability, with a wide range of specialised products available that offer additional resistance to impact, weather, graffiti and water.

Strong and Lightweight

  • Typically manufactured to a skin thickness of 12mm, GRC can be cast in thinner sections and can be up to 75% lighter than similar pieces of traditional precast concrete.
  • The reduced weight of panels makes them easier and cheaper to handle with reduced transportation costs, Generally, more GRC panels can be shipped in a single load than traditional precast.
  • GRC is a high impact strength material with a strength-to-weight ratio superior to most other materials. The glass fibre has a tensile strength 3 to 4 times greater than the equivalent steel fibre. GRC has high compressive and tensile strengths. For more information about the properties of GRC, click here for Technical Information.
  • GRC panels reduce loadings on foundations and perimeter columns which can lead to significant savings in superstructure and foundations if designed in from concept.


  • GRC offers unrivalled creativity with the ability to accurately reproduce any small or large design, including historic ornaments, ornate patterns and complex shapes.
  • The material can be finished in a wide variety of textures and colours, giving designers greater control over the surface detail and quality of finish.


GRC is generally cast in thin skin sections which consume less raw materials and energy during manufacture. Consequently, the reduced weight and thickness of GRC panels can provide significantly lower environmental impacts during transportation to site and during installation.

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