Flexus Stair System

Flexus stairs are a breakthrough in high performance fibre-reinforced engineered cementitious composite (ECC) that provides the structural integrity of reinforced concrete, but without the weight or thickness.

The Flexus Modular Stair System has been developed as an alternative to timber and precast concrete stair units, for the residential and commercial building sectors.    With a typical stair weighing just 30kg, the Flexus stair system is quick, safe and easy to install. 

Treads and risers can be adjusted to length and heights to suit while landings can be made to size.   Depending on the required live load, spans can reach 1800mm unsupported. 

The custom moulded treads and risers reduce the need to fully frame and fire rate the support structure.  Its natural self finishing concrete look combined with exposed structural steel and glass panels created a functional staircase, with an industrial prefab look.

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