Uses of GRC

The uses of Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete are almost endless and limited only by your imagination. GRC is incredibly versatile and the ability to be flexible in structure, profile and shape will suit any project from innovative, cutting edge designs and artworks to traditional cladding projects or historic restorations.

GRC is primarily used as an exterior façade or cladding material for both new construction and recladding or restoration of existing building facades. GRC cladding panels are generally manufactured by the 'Hand Spray' technique and the skin is bonded to a steel stud frame. The method can produce high-performance materials from which panels with extremely thin, lightweight sections are achievable.

Due to its extreme flexibility, GRC is also the perfect material to create highly detailed and ornate patterns and textures for interior and exterior panels or artworks that don't require backing frames. Architectural dressings for exterior wall, window, spandrel, cornice, column liners, fireplace surrounds and benchtops are also possible.

The low rate of shrinkage of GRC makes it an excellent choice for historic restoration projects. Moulds can be taken from existing building ornaments to recreate their original classical appearance.

GRC can be painted or coloured to almost any colour using a pigment oxide added to the mix at the time of casting.

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